The Four Secrets to Weight Loss

The Question

Imagine climbing the mountain to ask the wise person what is the secret to weight loss? The wise person's answer, as is always the case with the wise person on the mountain top, is not only short and simple, but also obvious and common sense.

The Response

So, in response to the question What is the secret to weight loss, the wise person answers Not to gain weight, in the first place.

Follow-Up Question and Response

To this I asked the follow-up question: If I knew how, O wise person, I would not have climbed the mountain.

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The wise person answers: The way to achieve weight loss is not to gain weight in the first place. To not gain weight in the first place, find the four secrets to weight loss.

The Four Secrets

O wise person, what are the four secrets to weight loss? I ask once again, but the wise person has somehow left. As I walk down the mountain, I can only think of what the secrets can be. The way down is long, allowing time to think about the conversation with the wise person. Then it dawns on me that the answer has to be short, simple, obvious and common sense. The four secrets to weight loss must:

Eat Less - Eat Right - Enjoy Activity - Enjoy Life

How true. The wise person has enabled me to find the final links to weight loss, and to realize that there are no magic bullets, rather it is the balancing act of eating and living and loving life.

Eat Less

Eating less is the first of the four secrets to weight loss. Easier said than done, you may say. I agree. The biggest problem is portion control. The portions have grown over the years not only in our homes but at our restaurants and also in the size of our plate size. What went for regular many years ago is now junior! Then again, who could resist a bargain and opt for the larger size, which are always just a little bit extra in cost and tempting.

However, eating less is truly the first step. Just dish out a little less. Do not go for the second helping. Do not super-size. Avoid cleaning out the plate. Take a doggy bag home. If these are difficult at first, try and try again. If all else fails, try a natural appetite suppressant called hoodia. However, be careful about your choice of brand. There are lots of brands that are not pure and full of fillers. Make sure it is grown in South Africa and certified pure by an independent laboratory.

Eat Right

Eating right is the second of the four secrets. Eating right is all about not only what you eat and drink, but when you eat and how you eat (chewing enough and eating slowly are important). Eating wrong is a significant source of problem for the overweight. The use of a diet plan that helps you follow a systematic approach to eating correctly is worth considering.

There are countless programs available in the market and offered at clinics, starting from a low price to the very expensive. My suggestion is to first look at the various diet plans available on-line. However, do not fall for the advertisements that proclaim a single plan as the best. The best program is the program that is appropriate for you, which fits your personality and adapts to your lifestyle. This means you need to look at the various options and determine the right fit for you. There is no short cuts and easy answer. If it were, no one would be overweight.

Enjoy Activity

Humans need activity. The third secret is about being busy, playing sports, walking, taking the steps instead of the elevator, keeping the car in the garage and walking over instead. It is also about taking up a hobby that gets you out and about. Many of these activities involve interacting with others, which is a good thing, since we are social beings.

Enjoy Life

Perhaps the most important of the four secrets, life; it is all about enjoying the simple things in life, which do not necessarily require a lot of money, resources or time. Everyone can do it. It is not just for the well off and free. Have a positive attitude and look for the better side of everything. Enjoy yourself, your friends and family. Enjoy what you do and what you do at work. Indulge in hobbies. Learn new things and have an inquisitive mind. Ask questions and seek answers. Collectively, they all contribute toward enjoying life

Moral of the Story

The moral of the story is that the answer to the secret to weight loss and life in general is simple and lies within you. It is a question of balance and moderation. It is a question of enjoying life and feeling better about you.

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